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  • "Do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable."

    - Author Unknown

  • "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

    - Jim Rohn

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Who is One 3 Sports

Jaime Maher (owner)

Age - 34

Occupation - Full time mom, wife, entrepreneur and Behavior Consultant with Special School District. In my ‘spare time’ I love helping others find motivation in life, health, fitness by finding a balance that works for them and their family.

Favorite Events - I LOVE running! I played collegiate soccer and have had a life-long passion for trying new sports, races, and pushing myself to the point where it’s a complete mental game. I have a love/hate relationship with anything that pushes me to the max.

I’ll try anything at least once.

Personal Records - Belleville Thanksgiving Day 5K Turkey Trot 2016- 21:18:59 (6:51 min/mile), St. Louis Hot Chocolate 15K 2016- 1:07:53 (7:17 min/mile), Frozen Feet 13.1 Trail Half Marathon 2017-1:36:02 (7:19 min/mile), Ozark Foothills 50K - 6:22:23 (12:18 min/mile)

Other Sports You Compete In - Aside from running, I still compete in soccer tournaments and leagues. I’ve dabbled into the world of triathlons, a Tough Mudder and in my past life played volleyball, basketball, racquetball (pure attempt and epic fail).

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - I never want to stop learning. I never want to stop trying. I never want to reach a point that I cannot compete. I want to complete at the age of 80 – in something – whatever my body can take.

I want to complete an ultramarathon (TWO currently on the books – 50 miles being my 2017 goal). I want to find new ways to push my body and break PRs even as I age in years. I want to show my girls that you can do anything you want, physically and mentally.

I want to help others realize their goals matter – even if you are a mom or dad and your kids come first. I want to help others define their goals. I want to help others make a plan. Then CONQUER. Repeat!

Unknown fact about you - I’m such an open book with no filter and a dislike for silence… so it’s hard to say what people may not already know… Maybe that I refused to date my husband because he was too tall and too skinny for a good 6 months or longer… I gave in. Look where we are now! Ha – I’m such a dork.

Ryan Maher (owner)

Age - 35

Occupation - Owner/Health and Wellness Coach/Athlete

Favorite Events - WOR Championships and all runs with my wife

Personal Records - 2014 MO State Singles Open Champion, 2-time MO State Doubles Open Champion (2012, 2013), 1st place in 30-34 age group at Belleville Thanksgiving day 5k, 4th place Overall at the Ozark Foothills 50K

Other Sports You Compete In - Racquetball, paddleball, squash, tennis, volleyball (prefer sand), endurance sports, the game, kickball. If you can compete in it…I want to do it!

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - Win major title at WOR event. Get outdoor courts built in STL. Sub 24 hour finish at Western States 100. Pace Jaime to her first 100-mile finish

Unknown fact about you - I secretly (not any longer) love rock bands with female vocalists, Paramore specifically…yikes! I also did not start eating vegetables until 2015

Yee Cheng (owner)

Age - 54

Occupation - Aircraft Logistics, Boeing

Favorite Events - Outdoor Racquetball event in Huntington Beach and WOR in Jackson, Tennessee

Personal Records - Won at each level up to Open.

Other Sports You Compete In - Bowling, Softball, Volleyball

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - Sty fit and healthy as long as possible and compete at National Level.

Unknown fact about you - I was the Certified Technician at Beale Air Force Base. Normal maintenance it takes two people to sign off the Red X. As a Certified Technician, I am able to perform the maintenance, and sign off on maintenance/work by myself, do not need a Red X to certify my work.

About Us

One 3 Sports has been providing services to the St. Louis area since April of 2014. It was created to deliver services and products to players of all racquet sports. In October 2016, the team decided to expand and deliver a unique and beneficial support system to the every-day athlete encompassing all racquet and endurance related sports.

Our team is dedicated to helping people of all fitness levels reach their performance potential. Regardless if you are a beginner racquetball player, marathon runner or walking your first 5k, we want to be part of your journey. Our team is inspired by your dream and are excited to keep you motivated, educated, and equipped!

We encourage all athletes to set goals and attain them by maintaining a positive state of mind and living a balanced life. Finding a life balance of family, work and fitness, allows us to create better versions of ourselves.


One 3 Sports was created in 2014, when Ryan Maher was asked to take over racquet stringing services for a local Racquetball facility in St. Louis. Shortly after this time he realized that there was a market to help those people with equipment needs as well. Ryan decided to form the company to better serve the customers and expand into other markets locally. Since that time, One 3 Sports began sponsoring local indoor/outdoor racquetball events as well as assisting in facilitating these events.

Fast forward to 2016, the addition of Yee Cheng and Jaime Maher has launched the company into its current format. Yee’s expertise with racquet sports, health/fitness, and stringing knowledge has been a huge addition for the company. Jaime’s passion for health and nutrition coupled with her background as a collegiate soccer player and avid runner has given the company a new vision. One 3 Sports is excited to continue to grow and support the everyday athlete in their health and athletic pursuits!

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