Abby Fox

Age - 35

Occupation - Special Education Teacher

Favorite Events - I love running! 5ks to half-marathons.

Personal Records - My fastest half marathon is 2:27

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - I want to complete a half in under 2:15 and finish a full marathon.

Unknown fact about you - I'm named after a duck!

Bart Gaddis

Coming Soon!

Carrie Bax

Age - 35

Occupation - Radiation Therapist

Favorite Events - Half marathon finishes have been the most rewarding to me. I have only ran two. The GO Girl in Columbia, Missouri, was my first and favorite so far. Trail running is my favorite atmosphere!

Personal Records - 8:33 min pace has been my PR for a 5k. My goal is to PR at 7:30 min pace in a 5K before 2017 is over.

Other Sports You Compete In - - I currently play softball, sand volleyball, and kickball recreationally thoughout the year. I love to ski in Colorado. I competed in racquetball in the past- played for SMSU in college. I love all sports, the outdoors, camping, and canoeing.

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - I want to improve my PR, become more flexible, and improve my diet by adding more vegetables.

Unknown fact about you - I can touch my elbows behind my back...I'm double jointed;)

Chris Stein

Age - 36 (YIKES!!)

Occupation - Teacher, coach, Real Estate Agent, Weekend Warrior

Favorite Events - I’ve been fortunate to compete in a wide array of athletic events. I would have to say my top three favorites so far have been The Spartan Race Beast, The Berryman Trail EPIC Mountain Bike Endurance Race, and Ironman 70.3. Each one was a test of not only my physical fitness, but more importantly, my mental fitness.

Personal Records - I’ve had a few top 3 finishes in some sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, but that’s not really saying much.

Other Sports You Compete In - I found Crossfit about two years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed destroying my ageing body.

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - I prefer to call my goals “fluid”. I am at the point in my life where I would like to be able to sign up for any kind of race or competition at any time and “compete”. Life is short and fitness is fun. I want do it all.

Unknown fact about you - I still secretly wish I would receive a letter from Hogwarts.

George Fust

Age - 30

Occupation - U.S. Army Intelligence Officer

Favorite Events - Ultimate Frisbee, Duke Basketball, 10k

Personal Records -
-I have maxed the Army fitness test for more than ten consecutive years.
-2mile PR: 10:22
-2015 Weinstein Award Recipient (Best Intelligence Officer in the Army)
-Half Marathon PR: 1:32:06

Other Sports You Compete In -
-Triathlon (sprint/Olympic distance)
-Full and half marathons

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) -
-Complete a Half-Ironman Triathlon
-Provide a positive/encouraging example to my children so they grow up with a passion for all things athletic
-17min 5k
-Top 3 finisher in Olympic Distance Tri
-Continue to outrun subordinates and max fitness tests

Unknown fact about you -
-I’ve had a testicular cyst since 2009. It once swelled to the size of a baseball. Does that make me 50% more man?
-I went blind from a cataract due to multiple concussive events in a short timeframe. I have a legitimate prosthetic lens implant (and a card in my wallet to prove it).
-I secretly love gift-wrapping but complain to my wife when she makes me do it.

Jodie Stecher

Age - 40 (yikes!)

Occupation - PeopleSoft and OBIEE Technology Manager

Favorite Events - I like to watch most sporting events as I can be easily entertained for 2 hours by most anything and like the competition. Personally, I love to run. I started running about 11 years ago when a friend asked if I was interested in doing a half marathon which I had no idea how long a half marathon was at that time. I began running for vanity reasons (weight control primarily) and came to realize it was so much more to me. It is a great stress reliever (even though I still drink), provides social opportunities, gives me something to talk about with other runners, provides another new category of material to watch on Netflix, and I get to go shopping for new “stuff” all the time!

Personal Records - I am not very fast, however I have improved since I started. My personal best was completing a half marathon in 2 hours. I say I really don’t care about time, however I really would love to complete my next half marathon in under 2 hours. It can be 1 hour and 59 minutes and I would be happy.

Other Sports You Compete In - Running is it for me. I gave softball a good run for a few years and then discovered boys and realized I was not all that good.

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - Being athletic to me is less about the competition and more about overall well-being. My main goal is to stay healthy.

Unknown fact about you - Hmmm… this is a hard one for me. I guess it’s true that most people that are not in my immediate circle don’t know that I am a breast cancer survivor. For some reason I find that I don’t want to share this information out too widely as I don’t’ want it to define who I am and also think I may jinx myself with the whole survivor part.

Mike Tomlinson

Age - 42

Occupation - Lab Manager/Optician

Favorite Events - My favorite trail run so far is the Quivering Quads Half Marathon. I enjoy attending any sporting events my girls are competing in, mainly soccer right now.

Personal Records - 5K - 19:22 (Chesterfield Turkey Trot 2011), Half Marathon - 1:30:46 (St. Louis Rock n Roll 2011), Marathon - 3:31:42 (Lewis and Clark 2010)

Other Sports You Compete In - I played golf competitively in High School and College. I still get out and hack the ball around a couple times a year with the occasional tournament with friends.

What are your athletic goals (long term and/or short term) - I just want to keep myself in some kind of shape. I enjoy setting an example for my girls that being active is an important part of life.

Unknown fact about you - I began running in 2007 and discovered pretty quickly that I really enjoyed it. I have taken some time off racing for a few years since having my kids, but never really stopped running. I'm excited to be getting into more races now that I have a little more time to train.

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